A post entitled “Could massive voter fraud have occurred in the 2016 Presidential Election” from The Electoral Integrity Project suggests that the claim by Donald Trump that 3-5 million illegals cast a vote is a propaganda ploy to sow mistrust in our electoral process ,and hence suppress the vote, or  it is the sign of a delusional, conspiratorial mind. Or it’s both. Fact is, these allegations of voter fraud are going to be used to justify further laws to target likely Democratic votes and suppress them. Such laws include requiring voter IDs, limiting or eliminating early voting and absentee ballots, prohibiting voter registrations at DMVs, and perhaps even some form of a poll tax (though they won’t call it a poll tax).

Propaganda is going to be a recurring theme on this blog, which I created 8 years ago to post on marketing topics as an aid to my job hunt then. As of today I am repurposing this site to keep track of political developments in these troubled times.


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